Progress Update 4/26/2019

The following Progress has been made:

·       Large gym joists underway

·       Joists and decking complete for Sequence 1&3

·       Underground storm detention 80% complete

·       Parking lot storm install complete

·       Pump House rough in underway

Progress Update 3/5/2019

The rain insists on sticking around, and so do we. Despite challenges with the weather, progress has been made.

  • Sequence 3 footings completed on 2/27.

  • Final sequence of stem walls begins this week.

  • Slab preparation has started this week.

  • MEP Slab rough will conclude this week.

Progress Update 2/15/2019

The following Progress was made:

o   Sequence 1 and 2 foundations and stem walls are complete.

o   Sequence 3 footings underway.

o   Electrical and Plumbing Rough-in for sequence 1 and 2 complete.

o   Bleacher footings underway (2a complete).

o   Storm system installation ongoing.

Progress Update 02/01/2019

Intermittent breaks in the weather have allowed us to get a few steps closer to the finish line. The following activities have taken place:

  1. Sequence 1 Foundation block have been installed. 

  2. Sequence 2 Foundation Block have been installed.

  3. Sequence 3 Foundation Block have been installed. 

  4. Electrical Slab rough in has continued.

  5. Storm pipe installation has continued. 

  6. Mechanical 4 pipe chiller system installation has begun.

Progress Update 01/18/2019

The Roman Philosopher Seneca Said, “Success is where preparation meets opportunity.”

After weeks of rain we were finally granted a break in the weather and got a ton of work completed.

  1. Sequence 1 foundations are now complete.

  2. Sequence 2 foundations are now complete.

  3. Sequence 3 and the pump house layout are complete.

  4. Electrical Rough in has begun.

  5. The storm sewer pipe and manholes have been delivered and have commenced installation.